What we believe

Relationships Above All

It may sound trite, but at the end of the day, all that matters is our bonds to those around us. The people who form our family and communities are what make life rich and meaningful. Across every culture on earth, people give gifts as a way to deepen bonds — it’s even one of the 5 love languages. Having designed products for everyone in your life, we want to make finding that right gift a little easier.

Gratitude Through Language

It’s easy to take friends and family for granted and forget to show how grateful we are. When we do remember, it’s often difficult to articulate that appreciation — hey, we’re not all Shakespeare! We believe that sharing the right piece of writing that represents our emotions can be an invaluable way to express our feelings and deepen our bonds.

Details Inspire Delight

Gifts giving is about the whole package of emotions it represents and evoke — not just some functional utility like most daily purchases. That’s why we take great care to ensure every detail of our products is just right, whether it’s our jewelry, bath products, or even boxes.