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10 Best Gift Ideas for Friends and Family - Dear Ava's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

You don't have to get everyone a gift this year but if you choose to, we hope to make it a little bit easier for you with our curated gift list. Shop for your mom, aunt, co-worker, friend, and everyone in between in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. These are some of the best staff picks from everything we offer on DearAva.com. 

Still can't find what you're looking for? You can shop by recipient or by occasion. There are thousands to choose from!

1. A Gift For Mom: Christmas Gift for Mom Spa Gift Box $39

Our spa box is handmade in a commercial-grade kitchen in Santa Rosa, CA and includes a candle, lip-balm, soap, bath bomb, and greeting card. It’s everything she needs to feel special!

2. A Gift for Grandpa: Grandfather Men’s Body Care Gift Box - $39

Our Men’s Body Care Gift Boxes use ingredients like cedar wood and activated charcoal for a crisp and clean scent inspired by the backwoods. We have men’s gift boxes for your father, brother, uncle, grandfather, & more!

3. A Gift For Someone Who Loves Gardening: Gift for Gardener Necklace - $38

Want to show a loved-one that you really care for them? Give them something related to their hobbies - they’ll be thrilled you remembered! This Green Thumb necklace is perfect for those who live gardening.

4. A Gift For Your Optometrist or Doctor: Optometrists / Eye doctors Evil Eye Pendant Necklace - $38
It may be wise to thank those who look over your eyes :) This evil-eye necklace is great for optometrists and doctors alike.

5. A Gift For Someone Spiritual: Sun and Moon Celestial Jewelry Necklace Set - $50

Got a horoscope junkie in your life? Or someone spiritual? This double set includes a sun and moon pendant to show a deep celestial bond between two individuals.

6. A Gift For a Wonderful Coworker - Christmas Gift for Coworker Linked Circles Necklace $38

Make a co-worker feel truly special with this interlocked necklace and greeting card. It’s a great way to show that you appreciate someone at work!

7. A Gift for Grandma - Christmas Gift for Grandmother Interlocking Circles Necklace $38

It’s a greeting card inspired by the design of an “ugly Christmas sweater.” We offer cards in this style for grandmothers, grandfathers, moms, dads & just about everyone.

8. A Gift For Your Daughter: Christmas Gift for Teen Wing Pendant Necklace $38

This wing pendant necklace shows support for any woman or girl in your life that is sleighin’ it!

9. A Gift for your Favorite Aunt: Christmas Gift for Aunt Pearl Necklace $38

There’s actually never a bad time to give pearls as a gift! It’s especially great for those who normally don’t wear pearl jewelry since it’s sure to give some added variety to their collection.

10. A Gift for your favorite Grinch: Grinch Christmas Linked Circles Necklace $38

Got a grumpy or cynical woman in your life? Skip the sentimental stuff and get them this instead. It will help lighten up the mood!

A Gift for Everyone

We created Dear Ava because we know it can be hard to express our gratitude and love for one another during life’s special moments. We think that gifts should be beautiful and sentimental -- but also practical -- so we designed minimalist jewelry that can be worn every day, and pair it with heartfelt keepsake messages sure to bring tears to any loved one’s eyes.

We are constantly adding new designs to our website to always keep things interesting! 

Remember, standard shipping within the US is always free! Happy holidays!