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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for All Your Friends

Doing Christmas shopping for friends this year? Friends are often the hardest people to shop for. The expectation is to find a sweet gift that matches their personality. We dug deep into our collection to find our top 10 gifts that will be sure to please even the pickiest of friends! 

We pair beautiful jewelry pieces with unique cards and sentimental messages. We want to make it easier to show that you care. 

Still can't find what you're looking for? You can shop byrecipient or byoccasion. There are thousands to choose from!

1. A Gift for Your Sister from Another Mister:

“To My Soul Sister” Necklace - $39

This simple and sweet stacked circle necklace and card is the perfect way to remind your best friend how much of a difference they make in your life.

2. A Gift for your Bestie:“To My Best Friend” Necklace - $39

You may drift apart from most of the friends you make in life but the ones you keep are there with you for life. Celebrate this everlasting friendship with this interlocking circle necklace and card.

3. A Gift for Your Tribe:Triple-Circle Tribe Necklace - $42

You know who your tribe is - it’s your ride-or-die squad that knows you like no one else. This triple-circle necklace shows how your tribe is stronger when together.

4. A Gift for All Your Unbiological Sisters:Double-Set of Soul Sisters Interlocking Circles Necklace $50

This gift set comes with TWO interlocking circle necklaces - one for you and one for your soul sister.

5. A Gift for Your Grumpy Wine-Loving Bestie:Grinch Wine Lover Pendant Necklace $39

We all have that one friend in the group. As long as the wine is flowing, she is happy and nothing else matters. Celebrate your wine-loving friend with this wine pendant necklace paired with a funny grinch card.

6. A Relaxing Gift for Your Soul Sisters:Soul Sisters Gift Box Set $39

This spa gift box comes with a hand-made candle, soap, lip balm, and two bath bombs - everything she needs to pamper herself and truly feel special.

7. For Your Friend that Constantly Slays it:“Sleighin It Bracelet” $39

We all have that one friend who is a consistently high-achiever. Despite slaying it in life, she still makes time for her friends. This necklace is made for her.

8. A Classic Christmas Gift for Your Best Friend:Christmas Best Friend Spa Gift Box $39

A simple and classic Christmas-themed card and spa gift box is the perfect way to show your best friend some much-needed appreciation during the busy holiday season.

9. A Gift for Your Friend Who Has Everything: The One Who Has Everything Linked Circles Necklace $39

    Got a friend who is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for? She will appreciate this.

    10. A Gift for Your Entire Christmas Tribe:Tribe Christmas Arrows Necklace $39

    A gift for your entire squad living miles and miles apart - this Christmas Tribe gift comes with a double-arrow pendant to celebrate your deep bonds no matter the distance.